Cindy Lou’s Fish House

This past weekend we went Christmas shopping in our favorite Fells Point, then wanted to try something new for dinner. We decided on the brand new restaurant that’s been open for about 5 weeks now, Cindy Lou’s Fish House.

This is a more upscale restaurant in Harbor Point facing Domino’s Sugar. We almost felt like we were on a boat, that’s how close we were to the water. We recommend getting a reservation right when it opens. On the weekends, brunch starts at 10AM and dinner starts at 5PM.

The restaurant is right next to The Sandlot in Harbor Point. Go to the end of Wills Street and walk into the Hilton hotel, Canopy. The restaurant is in the lobby on the right, closest to the water. Enjoy!

Pretty Boy Dam & Stone Mill Bakery

I hope you enjoyed my first attempt at an intro video! Lindsey, Ryan, and I hiked at Pretty Boy Dam which is north of Timonium right off of I-83, at the end of a beautiful neighborhood. Follow the country road through the green bridge to a small parking lot and you will find a trail that leads you along the river to an enormous dam at the end!

The trail is mostly mild to moderate difficulty but has some parts where you have to climb on all fours. It is about 3 miles there-and-back, and took us about 2-3 hours.

On the way back to Baltimore, we stopped at Stone Mill Bakery. It’s been thriving for about 30 years off of Falls Road close to Lutherville. They have a sign that says “Baltimore’s Best Hot Chocolate” and I would agree with that… We ordered sandwiches and you can tell the bread is fresh-baked.

Song credit in video: Phillip Phillips “Can’t Go Wrong”

Chloe’s “Best” Foodie Places in Baltimore (with parking information!)

Chloe’s top 5 places in Baltimore ended up being a overlap between my and Marie’s favorites. Instead, since Chloe has a diverse and more sophisticated palate than Marie or me, we all decided she should pick her top food/drink places to go in the city. Best pizza may not be a surprise to all who know Chloe…

Best Pizza: Diamondback Brewing Company in Locust Point

Diamondback (DB) is one of our favorite places to go in the city because of the atmosphere, and the pizza. Oh and Chloe says the beer is good too 😉 I’m not an IPA person, but their beer is mostly known for their hops. Chloe’s favorite beer there is the Green Machine. Since their recent beer release event with Star Bright Farm, they now have a delicious blueberry sour beer.

You are always in for a treat at DB with their pizza. Their pizza dough recipe came to fruition from experimenting many different recipes until it was decided on by all of the employees. That’s also how they picked their pizza sauce, and how they choose their seasonal pizzas.

The workers at DB have been our friends for a while now. They are good-hearted people rooted with a whole bunch of sarcasm (did I get that right? 😉 ). For the winter months, DB plans to have heaters and fire pits outside to continue to promote a covid-safe atmosphere.

Parking at DB: Diamondback is located in the McHenry Row shopping center, next to the Porter Street Apartments. Parking is free! You can park off of Porter Street in the motor court area outside of the Banner Building, or in one of the many parking lots on that street or in the shopping center area.

Best Atmosphere: The Choptank in Fells Point

Whenever out-of-towners visit, we always take them to Choptank because of the atmosphere and their food is delicious. This was on my top 5 list as well and is well-deserved. Whenever we go here, we feel like we are on vacation.

Choptank has a relaxed beach-vibe in the heart of Fells Point, especially if you have one of their frozen drinks. You really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu. Chloe and I can devour their cream of crab soup and not to mention, their homemade donuts for brunch are mouth-watering. Afterwards, explore our favorite town in Baltimore: Fells Point.

Parking: I recommend downloading the Premium Parking app before you go to park in this lot (1401 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231) or parallel park on the streets around Broadway St. & Fleet St., or Caroline St. & Thames St. Some parallel parking uses Pay to Park stations, you just need to leave the ticket on your dashboard.

Best Wings: Delia Foley’s Pub in Federal Hill

Chloe describes Delia Foley’s as an Irish bar that has great wings and very good bar food. The atmosphere is like a typical sports bar with lots of TVs, and is a good place to watch sports. They are only open on some Sundays when the Ravens play due to liquor licensing rules. You can find them on Facebook to find out which Sundays they are open.

Delia Foley’s has boneless wings and regular wings, and many many many different delicious sauces based off of your spice and taste levels. You can get extra sauces on the side for 50 cents extra each. All of the food is really good and the bartenders were a great help!

Parking: There is street parking along Fort Avenue and Charles Street. Check the signs; usually on Charles Street they have the Pay to Park Stations. The earlier the better since parking is scarce (and for greater social distancing). Or, park in the nearby West Street Parking Garage or for free in the Locust Point area, just be prepared to walk a little ways.

Best Tacos: Vida Taco Bar in Harbor Point

This savory taco restaurant is set very close to the water of the inner harbor and makes for great views and a relaxing atmosphere. They made extra outdoor seating this year, which we have really enjoyed. They have a delicious queso dip, a wide variety of taco fillings, and 3 different taco shells: flour, corn, or a lettuce wrap.

Chloe’s favorite is the chorizo taco, and she loves the jalapeño margarita. I like their chicken taco, and the sweet potato taco. For drinks, I go for their classic margarita or the purple drank when I go on a Ravens game day (which is a regular marg mixed with sangria). Before you go here and before other locations close for the night, check out Fells Point, Harbor East, and/or The Sandlot.

Parking: I recommend downloading Premium Parking app before you park in this area. Park along Point Street for parallel parking. Signs will tell you which code to use for the app.

Best Brunch: Spoons Café in Federal Hill

This café is located on Cross Street, right next to the market. Spoons also expanded into the street this year to allow for outdoor seating. The food is delicious, and they present it beautifully as well. Chloe says they have creative food choices, good portions, and lots of options.

Before the pandemic, I went here with my large extended family. We each got something different from the menu and we all loved our meals. So you really can’t go wrong with your food choices. After you go to Spoons, check out the small business shops along Cross Street, and head to the beautiful views at Federal Hill Park. *Spoons was so crowded when we went there. We recommend you go before 9AM or order to-go and take it to the Park!

Parking: There are Pay to Park stations on the streets perpendicular to Cross Street (on Light Street and Charles Street). Or, you can park in the West Street Parking Garage.

Let us know (below) if one of these is on your favorites list, or if there’s another spot in town we should try! Cheers!

Running in the Beautiful City of Baltimore

In late March/early April at the height of the pandemic, my friends and I were bored in our tiny city apartments, so we decided to run. We started by struggling with running 2 miles, and tried to increase the amount we ran each week. This gave us a goal and kept our minds off of possibly losing our jobs. Luckily, we still have our jobs, but we continued to run. This past weekend, we ran a half-marathon (13.1 miles)! This post is a compilation of all of our running photos around this beautiful city.

Fun fact: “marathon” gets its name from the legendary Greek messenger Pheidippides who ran from Marathon to Athens (26.2 miles) to announce the Persians were defeated. Somehow I still remember learning this from my History of Sport college course my freshman year 🙂

Thanks to our in-person and virtual cheering sections, we were able to finish the half-marathon starting at our apartments and ending at Fort McHenry. I didn’t think it would be, but it was pretty emotional and inspiring!

These workouts are what started this blog; the sights took our breath away and really made me question why people are afraid of visiting this strikingly-beautiful city.

Come visit Baltimore!

Good Neighbor, The Greenhouse, and 3 Pillars

One of my neighbors, Lois, owns an event planning company called 3 Pillars. For her 30th birthday, she partnered with Good Neighbor and The Greenhouse for an epic social-distancing party in Hampden. The sunset was killer that night on the outdoor patio… Happy 30th birthday, Lois!

Good Neighbor is a café and housewares shop off of Falls Road about a block away from Hampden’s main street (36th Street). Along with food and drinks, it sells high-end kitchen accessories and has a luxurious book-nook area.

Good Neighbor also owns the outdoor property next door and shares the space with The Greenhouse, a plant, floral, and design studio. You can grab a cup of coffee at Good Neighbor and relax next door in this beautiful retreat maintained by the owners of The Greenhouse.

Food was catered by Provisions Café in Germantown; it was delectable.

Check out 3 Pillars if you need help organizing an event, for this elegant party was very well-planned. Happy 30th birthday, Lois!

Top Things to Do in Baltimore 2020 (with parking information)

I asked my friends, Chloe & Marie, what their top 5 things to do are in the city. It was very interesting to learn that we all have different viewpoints. Today, I will share with you mine! Stay tuned for Marie’s top 5, and for Chloe’s top foodie places. Leave a message at the bottom if you end up exploring my favorite places, and let me know what you think!

1) Baltimore Water Taxi

Be ready to be blown away by the experience of the Baltimore Water Taxi. I recommend that you stay on the boat for more than just your stop so you can truly see the beauty of Baltimore. Click here for my blog post highlighting more in-depth about this ride. It rides from 11AM-6PM on the weekends, weather permitting after October 1st.

Parking: See #2, #3, or #4 on this list – you can get picked up at any of these locations.

2) Under Armour Promenade in Locust Point 

This is the best spot in town for sunrise or sunset. Bring foldable chairs and food/drinks to truly relax/enjoy the atmosphere here. This view never gets old 😊  

Parking: On the weekends, you can park in any of the lots on the Under Armour premises, or park on Hull Street (free parking). 

3)  The Choptank in Fells Point 

Their frozen drinks make you feel like you’re at a socially-distant beach bar, and they also have a great menu. Chloe, our foodie, will go in more detail about the food/drinks. The earlier the better here to keep away from crowds. The Choptank usually has a waitlist so put your name in, turn your phone sound ON and explore 😊 We especially love this place because it’s in the beautiful, historic town of Fells Point.

Parking: I recommend downloading Premium Parking app before you go to park in this lot (1401 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231) or parallel park on the streets around Broadway St. & Fleet St., or Caroline St. & Thames St. Some parallel parking uses Pay to Park stations, you just need to leave the ticket on your dashboard. 

Hint: a lot of the stores around Fells Point close at 5pm so go in the stores before you go to a restaurant!

4) The Sandlot in Harbor East

This is a great place to be in the early afternoon hours to sit, enjoy a picnic lunch, and head on over to locations at Fells Point or Harbor East.

Parking: I recommend downloading Premium Parking app before you park in this area. Park along Point Street for parallel parking or go all the way through the garage under the Exelon building, and it will take you to an open parking lot right next to The Sandlot. Signs will tell you which code to use for the app. 

5) Graffiti Alley 

Graffiti is often seen as a form of vandalism, but Graffiti Alley encourages street artists to showcase their artwork in a legal form. It is an ever-changing canvas that promotes positivity and has a vibrant color scheme. The Alley is in the middle of a not-so-nice part of town, but it emphasizes that you can create beauty on the streets.

Parking: 1915 N Howard St, Baltimore, MD 21218 This is an open parking lot. You will only explore the Alley for about 5-10 minutes, no need to pay to park unless you feel the need. It is through Premium Parking as well.