King and Queens Chair Loop @ Rocks State Park

The King and Queens Chair Loop trail at Rocks State Park is consistently on the top hikes in Maryland. I’ve had the map printed out for a few months now and had some free time to go exploring this weekend 🙂

You can make the hike as long or short as you want. We chose to park at the Park Office and hiked along the white trail and the red trail which ended up being about 3 miles, and took us about 2 hours. There are some steep parts along the white trail, so I’d consider it as moderate difficulty.

The cool part about the trail is not only the grand view at the top, but the history. The “King and Queen Seat” was a ceremonial location for the Susquehannock Indians, according to legend. Tourists came to this location in the 1800s, and you can see carvings into the rock.

If you park at the Rock Ridge Picnic area, there are play areas for kids. You can take the red trail from there to the King and Queen Seat.

Maryland Mac and Cheese Festival

The Maryland Mac and Cheese Festival is a 2-day event at Power Plant Live in downtown Baltimore. I’ve always wanted to go to this festival and finally had a free weekend to enjoy it. It’s still going on today if you would like to join in on the fun!

About 15 vendors in total were ready to hand out different styles of mac and cheese in 3 oz portions. With the premium package (which we enjoyed), we received 10 mac and cheese vouchers and 1 drink ticket. In my opinion, the best mac was the fried mac and cheese balls with pepperoni… :-b

Urban Pirates

This pirate cruise sails around the inner harbor from its starting/docking point in Fells Point. They offer an adult booze cruise which we thoroughly enjoyed, as well as kids cruises earlier in the day.

The booze cruise is BYOG (bring your own grog), and they supply music and a really good time.

I thought it would be cheesy but it sure wasn’t! We all said this was the most fun we’ve had in Baltimore.

“Bmore Beautiful” Itinerary

My dad’s cousins came into town and they made T-shirts to promote my blog! We had a blast exploring my favorite parts of the city to showcase its BEAUTY. I made an itinerary for our day; you can see it at the bottom of this page if you would like to follow in our footsteps! There’s also a downloadable PDF file of the itinerary beneath it. After looking through it, please take the poll at the bottom of this post to let me know what you think about the itinerary!

Billy and Patty have a camper, and camped at Hollofield Campground in Ellicott City, approximately 20-30 minutes from inner city Baltimore. Don’t these pictures make you want one?! After checking out their portable apartment, I showed them around my beautiful city 🙂

First stop: Federal Hill Park

The view from here is spectacular. You can see the entire Baltimore skyline from above the inner harbor. Then take a brief stroll on Montgomery Street to see the gorgeous historic homes in Federal Hill.

DiPasquales at Harborview

We had lunch at this Italian marketplace on the water near Federal Hill. It has delicious pizza and sandwiches with a view of the harbor.

Under Amour Promenade and the Water Taxi

The promenade offers views of Fells Point, Harbor East, and Canton from the water. From there we took the Water Taxi around to Harbor East.

Harbor East

We explored the Under Armour Brand House for shopping, and the Sandlot: a beach-themed bar on the water.

Fells Point

We walked from The Sandlot to Fells Point and explored the cute shops here. We had a drink at Choptank before heading back on the Water Taxi.

Bmore Beautiful Itinerary

Hint: If you click on the underlined under the “parking/info” it should lead you to directions to the location through Google Maps.
Clicking on the underlined under the “destination” will take you to their website, which will have additional info.

11-11:30amFederal Hill Park
Walk 1-2 blocks along Montgomery Street
Pay to Park on Key Hwy/2 hr free parking along Warren Avenue
Montgomery St
11:30-12:15pmLunch at DiPasqualesParking lot (free for customers)
Dining is outdoor-only right now. If it’s good weather the scenery is beautiful 🙂
12:30-1pmWalk the 1-mile loop around Fort McHenryParking lot (free)
1:30-2pmUnder Armour PromenadeStreet parking in Locust Point
2-2:30pmWater Taxi to Harbor East
Walk to The Sandlot
Walk to Fells Point
Water Taxi
The Sandlot
Fells Point
3-4pmExplore Fells PointSu Casa, The Seasoned Olive, EC Pops, walk up S Ann Street
4pm*Drinks @ ChoptankReservations (request outdoor seating)
5:30pmWater Taxi to UAWater Taxi, pick up car in LP
6pmDinner: LP Steamers, Diamondback BreweryPark along Fort Avenue or in McHenry Row shopping center parking garages

*Recommend reservations

Thank you for visiting my site! Much love to all, stay positive ❤

National Aquarium

Song credit: Psychic by Ketsa. Youtube link:

The National Aquarium is in the heart of the Inner Harbor and dramatizes the Baltimore skyline. The Aquarium opened 40 years ago in 1981 during the Baltimore City Inner Harbor’s redevelopment. It is ranked one of the top three aquariums in the U.S. and is one of the most visited attractions in Maryland.

The Aquarium focuses on promoting conservation of aquatic treasures, and they have a “vision to change the way humanity cares for our ocean planet.” Please think about donating to the aquarium’s nonprofit organization.

Currently they have timed ticketed slots and they are constantly updating based off of current covid-19 protocols and guidelines. Click here to plan your visit. Ticket prices are currently $39.95/adult and $29.95/child.

The Dolphin Show is one of the main attractions in the aquarium, which showcases narrated training sessions with the dolphins. You can download the free mobile app or look on the digital screens to the entrance of Dolphin Discovery to find the showtimes. Jellies Invasion is one of the most mesmerizing of exhibits and is located right next to the Dolphin Discovery.

32nd Street Farmers Market

Every Saturday from 7AM-noon, the 32nd Street Farmers Market flourishes. This is a large farmers market in the Baltimore town of Waverly, close to Union Memorial Hospital.

As of now, there are 53 vendors, all with very different missions and items to shop for. When parking, there are a few spots on the actual premises of the market, but you can safely parallel park around the few blocks south of the market.

If you are driving from the south, check out the beautiful homes along Calvert Street before you get to 32nd Street (pictured below). We also drove around Bolton Hill just to see the beautiful brownstone homes and gardens. That neighborhood reminded us of a mix between NYC and Otterbein (which is in South Baltimore).

Hope everyone has a happy holiday 🙂 Love to you all! ❤

Fell’s Point Farmers Market

There are many farmers markets around Baltimore, but one of the best is the Fell’s Point Farmers Market. They have a wide variety of vendors in a smaller, outdoor open space on Broadway Square.

In the market you will find some clever business names such as Hon’s Honey and Bali-Marons, as well as massive bright orange carrots that pierce your eyes from Hillside Meadow Farm. We also love the screen prints from Art by Barton.

There are arrows and security/staff at the front of the market directing people where to go to follow covid protocol. Check it out this Saturday from 8:00am-12:30pm, and after the 2021 New Year it will start at 9am.

This is a great way to support the locals since a lot of the businesses can only have carry out options, and/or set up shop at outdoor farmers markets. Pictured above are how store fronts are looking these days in Fell’s Point…

Jones Falls Trail

The Jones Falls Trail is a 9.1-mile paved trail for hikers and bikers. The southernmost trail head begins at the inner harbor, and heads north paralleling I-83 (The Jones Falls Expressway), through Druid Hill Park, around the Maryland Zoo, through Woodberry, Cold Spring Park, then landing at the northernmost point at the Cylburn Arboretum. Marie and I ran from the Maryland Zoo to the Cylburn Arboretum, which spanned more than 7 miles there-and-back.

The trail took us to some scenic neighborhoods which we loved exploring. One of the most photographic areas along the trail was the Clipper Mill. Also, who knew Druid Hill Park has Frisbee Golf? We saw lots of people playing this weekend.

When we reached the Cylburn Arboretum, we called my 95 year-old grandmother who used to live on the grounds of the mansion. Her father was one of the groundskeepers, and she lived in a duplex on the grounds “down in the valley.” Her family lived there during the depression, and she remembers that the cook in the mansion saved them food so they could eat. She also told us a story of when she and her sister (who was deaf) took the streetcar to 36th street in Hampden to go to the movies. I attached some pictures she saved, one of which is a drawing by a family friend. A few years ago, my aunt and grandmother found the remnants of the house in the woods, but there were too many leaves for us to explore it this time.

Let me know if you have questions about the trail! The easiest way to follow it is with Google Maps (you’ll need to zoom in and you’ll see the trail is a skinny green line). We parked (for free) at the Maryland Zoo, and asked the parking staff where we could find the trail. Then, follow the green spray painted markings on the sidewalks; I found that to be easier than looking for the signs. I hope you check it out!