MD Adventures

MD Eastern Shore: Berlin, Assateague, and Chincoteague

Music: Pixies by Ketsa

We are trying to hit as many National Parks as we can with Marie’s National Park Pass. This past weekend, we decided to check out Assateague Island’s National Park. We hit up some other spots on the Eastern Shore along the way.

RAR Brewing

We started with dinner at RAR Brewing in Cambridge, then stayed at my best friend’s house in Easton so we could have a full day of adventure on Saturday. We were overly pleased with the Thirsty for More sour beer, all of the food on the menu, and our awesome waiter Mark!

Berlin, MD

That night we watched the movie Tuck Everlasting since we were going to visit Berlin. This movie as well as Runaway Bride were filmed in this historic town. The main street is the home of the famous Atlantic Hotel. Their menu looked tempting (pictured below), but we weren’t hungry yet. We ordered coffee and tea from On What Grounds? then walked around the small town. We loved all of the stores on the main street, especially Fathom, Patty Jeans, Bruder Home, and Simple Pleasures had those cute salt and pepper shakers (pictured below).

Assateague Island

Next up: Assateague Island and its beautiful wild horses. We didn’t realize that the horses we saw on the drive to the National Park would be the only ones we would spot on this adventure, but we sure made it worth it! We had cars lined up behind us as we took pictures and a video πŸ™‚ The park had 2 trails to explore; we hiked the Life of the Dunes Trail which showcased a road called Baltimore Boulevard. It was a road built in the 1950s that took you from MD to VA through Assateague Island. The road was destroyed during a Nor’easter in 1962, which then paved the way for this national park to exist. It costs $20 to get into the National Park part of the island but is free with the national park pass (~$90/year).


The history of the horses is pretty interesting, click here for a detailed story. To summarize: the horses are divided into Maryland/Virginia herds, each separated by a fence. The National Park Service manages the MD herd, and the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company manages the VA side. The Chincoteague “Pony Penning” is the annual horse swim from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island that occurs on the last Wednesday of July. During this event, most of the young foals are auctioned off to benefit the volunteer fire company. You know where we will we be that day if it happens this year!

Chincoteague Island

I recommend getting carry out or bring your own packed lunch/dinner for the hour-long trek to Chincoteague. We were nearing sunset so we didn’t get to explore much or search for the wild horses. So, we first ran to the beach for the beautiful views before the sun dipped.

Island Creamery

Then we went to Island Creamery… I would go to Chincoteague again just for that Muddy Mint ice cream (and the sunset).

Thanks for joining us on our adventure πŸ™‚ If you decide to go, let me know if you have any questions!

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