MD Adventures

Harper’s Ferry & South Mountain Creamery

For my 32nd birthday, I wanted to do an adventure (of course!). We decided to hike the Maryland Heights Trail at the quaint and picturesque Harper’s Ferry, and afterwards enjoy ice cream and feeding baby calves at South Mountain Creamery.

Harper’s Ferry

This town is known as the site of John Brown’s raid in October 1859. John Brown grew up in an anti-slavery family in Connecticut. He went to an abolitionist meeting in 1837 which set his sights on abolishing slavery. He led the raid at Harper’s Ferry against federal troops and won. Unfortunately the next day General Lee’s army surrounded the land. Brown was tried, found guilty, and later hanged on December 2, 1859. This raid fueled tensions leading up to the presidential election and later the Civil War. Currently, the town is just about the mid-way point for the Appalachian Trail; hiking is one of its main attractions along with adventuring through the small historic town.

Maryland Heights Trail

The Maryland Heights Trail was created after the Battle of Antietam to be used as a built-in fort and overlook of Harper’s Ferry for the Union troops as protection. It now is one of my all-favorite trails to hike! It has a steep incline for over 2 miles, but not to worry as you will be on the downhill slope on the way back.

Parking at Harper’s Ferry

The National Park Service recommends you park at the Visitor Center and take the shuttle bus to the Lower Town. Address to the Visitor Center: 171 Shoreline Drive, Harper’s Ferry, WV 25425. We found parking at the train station in the Lower Town, but spaces are limited. Address to the train station: Harpers Ferry Station, Potomac St &, Shenandoah St, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425.

South Mountain Creamery

My friends said they were looking forward to Harper’s Ferry but were a little hesitant about the Creamery, thinking it would be better for kids. After we finished feeding the baby calves, they told me that South Mountain Creamery ended up being the best part of their day 🙂

On South Mountain Creamery’s farm, there is an ice cream parlor with milks and cheeses as well. Their ice cream is on point! Across the street there is a calf barn where you can make reservations with a small fee to feed the baby calves! One calf was born that morning, and another was 2 days old and just learning to walk… enjoy this video! The best part is around 40 seconds…

Baby calf at South Mountain Creamery

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