MD Adventures

Annapolis’ Main Street

The Puritans founded Annapolis when they were exiled from Virginia in 1649, and named the town Providence. Later it was called Anne Arundel’s town after the Lord of Baltimore’s wife. In the early 1700s, a royal governor named it Annapolis after Princess Anne. Four signers of the Declaration of Independence resided in this town and their houses still stand today. Now, it is the home of the U.S Naval Academy, located right near main street in downtown Annapolis. On the main street, there are lots of shops celebrating local nautical art, Maryland gear, the outdoors, and the Navy. We explored these along with the famous Chick & Ruth’s, and McGarvey’s Tavern.

Chick & Ruth’s

Chick & Ruth’s is an experience for sure. This two-story “delly” was established in 1965 on the main street in Annapolis by Chick and Ruth Levitt. It has some of the best homemade food around with an eclectic variety on the menu, including sandwiches named after MD politicians who entered the state capitol.

McGarvey’s Saloon & Oyster Bar

McGarvey’s Saloon & Oyster Bar building was constructed in 1879 and served many purposes. In 1974, a retired Air Force captain made it into a bar. Although original ownership of McGarvey’s and Chick & Ruth’s have changed throughout the years, the current owners don’t want to make any changes to keep the authenticity alive. They are both Annapolis traditions that you can’t pass up.

Other places to explore

At one end of main street is the Annapolis Harbor (Spa Creek) which feeds into the Severn River. Right now there are ping pong tables at the promenade you can enjoy. The other end of main street and other roads merge at the end of College Avenue, which surrounds St. Anne’s Parish, established in 1692. The Governor’s House is on School Street. This street connects with State Circle, which surrounds the MD State House, dating back to 1772. It is beautiful to walk around that area; I recommend it!

Parking & other information

Check out the very well thought-out website for more information on what to do in Annapolis. Parking: You can pay to park on the street, or in the Noah Hillman Parking Garage at 150 Gorman St, Annapolis, MD 21401.Open document settingsOpen publish panel

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