MD Adventures

Old Town Alexandria (Virginia/D.C.)

Old Town reminds Marie and me of Fells Point in Baltimore. It has a historic feel and is adorable during Christmastime, almost like the feel of the holidays in colonial Williamsburg. What surprised us most about this place was that everyone… EVERYONE… was wearing a mask. Even if someone was 100 yards away from other people, he or she was wearing a mask. We felt very covid-safe in this town.

King Street

King Street is about 1.5 miles of shops and restaurants. It starts at the Potomac River and ends at the George Washington Masonic National Memorial. When you walk up to the top of the steps, it has an expansive view of Alexandria. We had coffee and hot chocolate at Dolci Gelati to keep us warm on our walk.

Queen Street

Exploring the side streets was fun! We loved looking at the beautiful houses, small and large. Spite House is a must-see 7-feet-wide blue historic row home on Queen Street.


We ate at Chadwick’s, which felt like you were in an old English pub. Their pub food was on point and exactly what our growling stomachs were craving after exploring all day! We heard that Mia’s Italian Kitchen is a famous place we should go to next time. Of course, we end the day with ice cream. We went to Pop’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream on King Street. TJ was our server, and he made it an experience vs. us just getting our dessert.

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