MD Adventures

Day Trip to St. Michaels

We started by crossing the Bay Bridge around 10am, which surprisingly had no traffic on a Saturday morning. You can park on the street or in the parking lot behind Christ Church in St. Michaels. We explored the Farmers Market, which was very small but had fresh fruits and vegetables. Then we headed to Corah’s Corner for lunch, where a friend is one of the chefs. We each had a delicious meal and I loved my strawberry lemonade drink. Signs to wear masks were all over the town.

We enjoyed walking around the town and local neighborhoods. One of the stores, American/Holiday had an old bank inside. St. Michael’s Winery had sweet or dry wine flights. Out of the sweets, we all loved the Gollywobbler Peach and the Chocolate Zin. From the dry wines, Chloe’s favorite was the Malbec.

Eastern Shore Brewing also had flights to sample. My favorite was the amber ale. Then, we rented paddle-boards and kayaks from Shore Pedal and Paddle. (By the water, there is a clean port-a-pot where you can change your clothes, just bring hand sanitizer).

We checked out Justine’s for ice cream, which has a massive wonky selection of milkshakes and a wall where they spotlight people who finish the Titanic. Ended the day at Foxy’s which is right on the water. They are strict with the 6 feet rule. We felt most comfortable on the deck around the corner. Everyone liked the crab pretzel. Marie said she was pleasantly surprised by St. Michaels and would want to come back! When you come in/out from the town, there is a really weird fence on the side of the road…

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