MD Adventures

From the mountains in the west to the beaches in the east, Maryland has a variety of fun to offer us. Below are links for good day or weekend trips, or you can link them all together if you are from out of town!

Larriland Farms

During the summer, one of my favorite things to do is pick fruit, especially black raspberries, at Larriland Farms. We have been going to this farm since I was a kid and it brings back so many good memories. My dad has recently dubbed July 1st as “Berry-Picking Day.” Check their harvest page to see what you can pick today!


The Moore family used to have a farm with a dairy herd in Guilford, near Columbia. Larry Moore chose “Larri-” as the prefix for their cow herd. The Rouse Co. purchased this farm in 1963, which is when the Moore’s purchased another farm in western Howard County. Larry and Polly Moore began the “pick your own” business in 1973.

The Barn

In the barn they have some fresh-picked fruit/vegetables ready to purchase, but mostly other types of products you can find at a farm.


Larriland has some recipes for your fresh-picked or frozen fruit on their website. I used other recipes, one of which was a blueberry crisp. I also baked brown butter black raspberry muffins. Both were delicious! The muffins are best the second or third day.

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