Journeys Around the U.S.

Dallas, TX

My cousins, Justin & Fernanda, live in Dallas, Texas. They helped us to explore the city as well as a large beautiful lake about 2 hours away called Possum Kingdom.

JFK Assassination

JFK was assassinated at Dealey Plaza. The X marks the spots where he was shot. JFK’s shooter was on the far right, 2nd from the top of this brick building.

JFK Memorial

His memorial is about 2 blocks away from Dealey Plaza.

Deep Ellum

This is a more hip and up-and-coming part of town with a fun night scene and good food and drinks. There is beautiful art and artwork all over this area.

Terry Black’s BBQ

You can’t go to Texas and miss out on BBQ… this brisket melted in our mouths! You can see and smell the smoke from the BBQ as you walk into this marketplace restaurant in Deep Ellum.

Jerry’s World

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium and the Texas Rangers Stadiums are at the same complex in Arlington, TX. It is about 15 minutes from downtown Dallas. Texas Live had great drinks for us to enjoy and hide from the heat of Texas.

Possum Kingdom Lake

About 2 hours away from Dallas is Possum Kingdom Lake. It’s one of the prettiest lakes I’ve seen in the U.S. so far. The cliffs, beautiful homes, and pretty water make for great scenery here.

Thank you, Justin & Fernanda for such a great trip!

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