Journeys Around the U.S.

Dewey Beach and the Perseids

Every year in mid-August are the Perseids meteor shower. My family and I have gone to either the beach or camping the weekend it’s at the peak to get a better view vs. being in the city. This year, I went with my friends to Dewey Beach. I have heard horrible stories about the crowds at the beach and the boardwalks. Some of which are true…


Dewey Beach is where my family and friends stay since my aunt has a cozy condo there that my friends like to call the treehouse. Normally, it is a huge party town at night with a family-friendly atmosphere during the day. The party atmosphere has somewhat changed since covid has hit us but some bars were not so good at social distancing. I will highlight the “good” bars.

The beach

During the day we hung out at the beach. There are parts of the beach that are crowded, and parts that are not. I obviously recommend you find the less-dense areas (just north of Chesapeake Street) and find a spot closest to the ocean.

Jimmy’s Grille

We had dinner at Jimmy’s Grille, which has recently added extra seating on the ground level next to their pavilion (all of which is outdoor). The seating was very spread out and we felt safe. Bonus: their food and drinks are top-notch!

North Beach

North Beach is a typical outing-favorite of ours. They were extremely strict with all of their virus-rules, and I was even told to sit down when I was dancing right next to my table. At first this annoyed me but come to think of it, once one person starts dancing, how do they get everyone to stop? It was very smart of them. Food was not so good, but their Dewey Devil drink is a must. Next to North Beach is the quaint Sunset Park.


We went to Grotto’s Pizza along the main street in Rehoboth as soon as they opened in the morning to avoid the crowds. I love their pizza and their salad with the peppercorn parmesan dressing. The main street in Rehoboth, and the main part of the boardwalk was very crowded most times of the day. We escaped through Penny’s Lane. We loved this cute store called Gifts of Serenity. Also, one of the best parts of the beach is the Rehoboth outlets where there are no taxes! We felt safe at North Face, American Eagle, and Under Armour since they limited the amount of people going into the stores.


Saturday night, I saw one meteor, and Kirstie saw two all within a matter of minutes! It is mesmerizing to watch the sky at night. I hope you will find a place to look up this week or weekend 🙂

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