Union Square Cookie Tour of Historic Homes

Union Square is a historic neighborhood almost 2 miles west of the inner harbor in Baltimore. It has large row homes built in the 1800s of which most have kept their original structures and designs. It was home to H.L. Mencken, an influential writer and critic who wrote for the Baltimore Sun paper and many other literary forms. I had the pleasure of exploring 10 homes through the 36th annual Union Square Cookie Tour, one of which was Mencken’s house.

This year, 10 homes and businesses were a part of the tour. They are chosen based on the interior design of the house and that it has a form of its historic structure. Each owner had a different taste in design which made it very intriguing to see what we were going to walk into next. One of the homes I toured will be featured in a Lifetime movie, Safe Space.

Oh and all of the cookies were delicious! I highly recommend this annual holiday tour. Mark your calendars for next years’ tour: December 11, 2022!

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