Fort McHenry

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The Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine is one of my favorite strolls in Baltimore. It is a 1-mile path around the Fort and is right next to the water. With its scenic views and powerful American history, you just can’t beat it. The museum is still not open yet, but it has a 5-10 minute video inside that is very much worth watching and makes you feel “Proud to be an American.” The gates to the park are open 9AM-5PM. Afterwards, walk or drive through Locust Point to the Under Armour Promenade (see Rosie’s Top 5 list about UA). *Tip: in March, the beautiful cherry blossoms are in full bloom 😉

Parking at the Fort: There is a FREE parking lot inside the gates of the park. Also, there’s free parallel parking along Fort Avenue in Locust Point.

Fun History Facts:

If you can spot the Key Bridge, that’s about how far away the British ships were back in 1814!

The Fort was transformed to a general hospital during WWI.

The almost 40-foot tall Orpheus statue greets you at the beginning of the park. It was chosen from a national challenge, and was dedicated to the park in 1922 for the centennial of the writing of the Star Spangled Banner (a few years late due to WWI). Orpheus is the Greek god of music.

The Star Spangled Banner became the national anthem in 1931.

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