Jones Falls Trail

The Jones Falls Trail is a 9.1-mile paved trail for hikers and bikers. The southernmost trail head begins at the inner harbor, and heads north paralleling I-83 (The Jones Falls Expressway), through Druid Hill Park, around the Maryland Zoo, through Woodberry, Cold Spring Park, then landing at the northernmost point at the Cylburn Arboretum. Marie and I ran from the Maryland Zoo to the Cylburn Arboretum, which spanned more than 7 miles there-and-back.

The trail took us to some scenic neighborhoods which we loved exploring. One of the most photographic areas along the trail was the Clipper Mill. Also, who knew Druid Hill Park has Frisbee Golf? We saw lots of people playing this weekend.

When we reached the Cylburn Arboretum, we called my 95 year-old grandmother who used to live on the grounds of the mansion. Her father was one of the groundskeepers, and she lived in a duplex on the grounds “down in the valley.” Her family lived there during the depression, and she remembers that the cook in the mansion saved them food so they could eat. She also told us a story of when she and her sister (who was deaf) took the streetcar to 36th street in Hampden to go to the movies. I attached some pictures she saved, one of which is a drawing by a family friend. A few years ago, my aunt and grandmother found the remnants of the house in the woods, but there were too many leaves for us to explore it this time.

Let me know if you have questions about the trail! The easiest way to follow it is with Google Maps (you’ll need to zoom in and you’ll see the trail is a skinny green line). We parked (for free) at the Maryland Zoo, and asked the parking staff where we could find the trail. Then, follow the green spray painted markings on the sidewalks; I found that to be easier than looking for the signs. I hope you check it out!

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