Union Collective in Hampden

Union Collective is an old Sears warehouse in Hampden currently filled with Baltimore-based businesses including Union Craft Brewing and The Wine Collective. We enjoyed these this two weekends ago.

Union Craft Brewing takes over most of the warehouse, and has a large outdoor area which makes it easy to socially distance. They have many beer options and good bar food with brick oven pizza on their online menu. I love their tagline, “Beer unites,” which means “Good beer brings good people together for good times and good works.” Union was founded in 2011 and opened its doors at Union Collective in 2016.

Unfortunately one of our favorite ice cream places, The Charmery, is not currently open at the Union Collective location. However, we found a marvelous new addition to the old warehouse: The Wine Collective. This new urban winery has an “obsession for quality” with their service, menu, wine expertise, and food preparation.

At Wine Collective, they believe that saying “cheers” brings back the “human pact of love against all odds.” Their outstanding attention to detail was impressive. Would definitely recommend! There is more than enough room to socially distance inside this warehouse, but they also have outside seating underneath a tent. As always, exploring during off-meal times is best.

< < Cheers! > >

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