Diamondback Brewing Company’s Beer Release Event

This was going to be a little sneak peak into Chloe’s Top 5 favorite foodie places in the city, but I wanted to do a BIG shout out to Diamondback Brewing Company (DB) because they are having an event this weekend that is just up my alley…

DB is one of our favorite places to go in the city because of the atmosphere, and the pizza. Oh and Chloe says the beer is good too 😉 I’m not an IPA person, but their beer is mostly known for their hops. This weekend however, they are teaming up with a local farm to FINALLY make a fruity beer!

Star Bright Farm grows blueberries that the brewers concocted into a sour ale at DB. Thank you, DB for helping out my fruity taste buds. I will always go to DB to devour the pizza, but now I might actually savor the beer too 😉 This weekend on Saturday Oct. 17, the beer release event will be at Star Bright Farm from noon-5:30PM equipped with music from Moose Jaw Bluegrass from 1-4PM. The event is free!

The workers at DB have been our friends for a while now. They are good-hearted people rooted with a whole bunch of sarcasm (did I get that right? 😉 ). For the winter months, DB plans to have heaters and fire pits outside to continue to promote a covid-safe atmosphere.

Parking at DB: Diamondback is located in the McHenry Row shopping center, next to the Porter Street Apartments. Parking is free! You can park off of Porter Street in the motor court area outside of the Banner Building, or in one of the many parking lots on that street or in the shopping center area.

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