Baltimore Water Taxi

I always knew that Baltimore was a beautiful place. I’ve been to Federal Hill, Under Armour Promenade, and Harbor East, all of which have amazing views of this city. However, the most dramatic sightseeing can be done on the Baltimore Water Taxi.

Before I went to Australia, I heard from a friend that I absolutely had to take the Manly Ferry in downtown Sydney. We did that ride and it sure was spectacular, just like they said. This taxi ride is actually comparable to my experience in Sydney. It truly took my breath away.

There are two water taxis. One has routes from the Under Armour Promenade to Fells Point and Harbor East. The other takes you to Fells Point, The Rusty Scupper Restaurant in Federal Hill, and Harbor Place in the Inner Harbor.

The Water Taxi is $10 per ride, per person. Or, $40 for 20 tickets. If you are taking the taxi just for one ride to go back to your same location, the $10 per person makes sense to do. You’ll pay by credit card when you get there. If you plan on using the taxi to travel to another location, explore, and then use the taxi to get back, take the $40 deal. You will pay online at:

One of the taxi drivers, Jarid, talked in-depth about some of the places we went by. He definitely made the trip even more interesting with some insight. All of the taxi drivers will take your temperature and spray your hands with hand sanitizer before you get on the taxi. You are required to wear a mask, just like most places in the city.

Hurry up and get a ride before it gets too cold! The Water Taxi operates through September (Saturdays and Sundays 11am-6pm). In October and beyond, it is open weather-permitting. Fingers crossed for good weather 🙂

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