Canton and Guinness Brewery

Here is a compilation of all of our runs the past few days… To start off the weekend, we ran 11 miles bright and early in the morning to miss the crowds. Pictured below are views from Fells Point, Canton waterfront, Federal Hill, Inner Harbor, Otterbein, and Riverside Park. Thanks to Marie for the celeb shot in Fells Point/Harbor East area.

For the longest time, I kept hearing about the Pagoda in Patterson Park in Canton, but I could never find it. It’s on the west side of the park, not sure how I missed it! Sure is beautiful.

We explored the rest of Canton to see what was going on in the east part of town. We heard horror stories about the crowds in Canton square, but we felt fine when we were there around 3-4pm. We came back to Canton later in the night for Bmore Licks. The chocolate fudge brownie in a waffle cone is my go-to šŸ˜‰ Josh got 3 milkshakes for him and his… wife(?).

In the middle of the day, we went to Guinness Brewery. They are extremely strict with their coronavirus rules. You should go here if you need a nice, safe getaway!

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