Goodbye Dear Friend!

For some reason, Marie wanted to jump from running 8 miles in one setting, to 10… Well, we did it! We took some great pictures along the way.

We always enjoy going to Diamondback Brewery. I think they’re going to start calling us Norm (from Cheers). You can’t beat their pizza, and they have a good selection of IPAs. We shopped til we dropped at the Under Armour Factory House in Curtis Bay. They always have great deals.

Sunday morning is the Farmer’s Market under I-83. Parking is free, you just need to get it validated. There was a long line so be sure to get there early. It used to be a massive event with tons of people (and no line). But with social distancing in order, it’s much more toned down so you should feel corona-safe. They still have lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and freshly picked flowers. If there is a stand selling biscuits, be sure to get the cheddar and thyme.

We walked to Miss Shirley’s Café since we’ve always wanted to eat there, but the wait was at least an hour. Instead we went to Blackwall Hitch for lunch and were pleasantly surprised. We could not stop drinking the Strawberry Kiss beverage! As we walked home, there were hundreds of motorcycles driving past.

One of my very best friends from OT school, Mara, is moving from Baltimore to Atlanta this week. Our OT friends were able to say goodbye in a socially distant setting at Patterson Park. We stopped at Bmore Licks before we left for some of the best ice cream in town. Saying goodbye to Mara was so bittersweet! I know her adventures there will be great. But she will be greatly missed!

Near or far, always end the weekend with family!

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