From the Under Armour Promenade to UA owner Kevin Plank’s mansion

This week was supposed to be the best week of the summer. We were supposed to go to the Backstreet Boys concert! Since ‘Rona hit, we made a pact to continue to have fun (safely), even though our plans were most likely going to change. So, we threw our own 90s theme party. We listened to Backstreet Boys all night long, and wore tie dye shirts, flare jeans, and ninja turtle masks. We couldn’t believe how many songs we knew from the BBoys. Good times 🙂

Friday nights have become our pizza night where we get pizza from different places around the area. This week we went to Ledo’s, and it didn’t disappoint! Our favorite pizza so far is Diamondback’s pizza at their brewery in Locust Point. After pizza, we soaked in the views at the Under Armour Promenade at sunset.

We didn’t take too many pictures at the Oregon Ridge Park Trail in Cockeysville, MD. It’s about a 30-minute drive from the heart of Baltimore. They had cool paintings on trees in one area of the trail. We took the red and yellow loops, which was about 4-5 miles with about a moderate difficulty. Parts of the trail you had to hop rocks through a stream to follow the trail.

Right outside of the park is the fancy Oregon Grille. From driving by it, we just thought it was cute and went inside. Then, we realized the waiters were in tuxedos. Woops. Since we were wearing our workout clothes, they said we could sit outside (no one was outside in this heat!). It was delicious and they were very accommodating. Prices were comparable to a brunch in the city, not bad!

The waiter told us we should head down the road to see Kevin Plank’s farm, about a few minutes away (Under Armour’s founder). You couldn’t see much but you could tell just over the hill there would be a massive mansion. On the drive back home, we saw horses on a farm walking in a line toward the road. Confused yet? We then discovered there were people on the side of the road holding carrots out. We stopped (of course!) and took pictures with these massive, gorgeous horses!

It’s not summer until you have crabs in Baltimore. They never disappoint! After we eat, we normally go for a long walk. But, since it’s the hottest week of the summer, Dad tried his best to swim laps…

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